5 DIY Lip Balm Ideas

Here are 5 DIY lip balm and lip gloss ideas. You can learn how to make Gatorade, rainbow Oreo, Unicorn Horn, Water and Spinner.  Easy, fun and very creative.  This is just a few of cool lip balm ideas from KimspiredDIY. You can find so many more ideas on her channel.  If you love making lip balm or looking into start making your own you can find plenty of ideas on her Youtube channel.

5 DIY Emoji Projects

KimspiredDIY has a channel full of fun, creative and unique DIY projects.  She makes a lot of different Emoji projects along with some giant and miniature craft projects.  Her videos are super informative and she provides great tutorials that makes it really easy to learn how to make fun crafts for the whole family.

These 5 DIY Emoji projects she walks you through how to make a really easy Emoji phone case that looks like a text message bubble that says UGH with and Emoji.  There is also a way to turn an LED puck light into an Emoji face that is super cool.  The room decor idea is really fun – using a terra cotta pot she paints it yellow and draws on an Emoji face – then glues down a glass bowl and tops it off with a painted terra cotta drip base along with recycling a water bottle top for the handle. Now fill it with bubble gum and you have your own Emoji bubble gum machine.  Next time your friends are over they can help themselves to some gum.  Another craft project idea is an Emoji poop stress ball.  Using silicone and acrylic paint she creates this one of a kind stress ball.  The mind blower was the glow in the dark Emoji slime.  Using liquid starch, glue and glow in the dark paint she crafts up slime – then she uses an empty bead container and draws on an Emoji face and adds the slime.  All these projects would be fun for room decor and they would even make for the best Emoji party favors. So fun, cute and creative.

You won’t want to miss all the super creative and unique craft ideas she has on her channel.  With over 600,000 subscribers KimspiredDIY is a go to channel for craft projects for the whole family.  She is DIY craft YouTube channel that you should follow.

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Sewing Tutorials

If you are just starting out and looking for basic sewing instructions then you may want to start with this DIY basic sewing tutorial from Black Diamond DIY Fashion.  Learn from this DIY basic sewing tutorial. Black Diamond prides themselves on showing you straight to the point videos.  They provide clear instructions on all tutorials and they want you to learn how to make your own garments.  Other videos of theirs you may want to check out: how to make a straight skirt, the plain sheath dress, straight A line skirt and mens bodice.  Find lots of sewing craft tutorials on their channel and start learning how to sew.